Damsels and Me!

Blue Damsel Discovery

Where we got the name?
Blue Damsel flies are the slower, smaller, versions of what people call dragonflies.

Their colours bring a touch of the exotic to summer time spent by Cavan lakes. They live in both the realms of water and air and are rich in symbolism. They are also fascinating to study and watch.


From childhood I have delighted in exploration of natural history and wildlife . Each little  discovery has brought hours of pleasure. I would like to share that enjoyment with others



Health and natural wealth

I firmly believe that interaction with the natural world  plays a great part in our health. We are creatures of mind, body and soul that require interaction with the natural world.

I also believe that if people, (especially children) , don’t discover  the natural wealth and magic  of what is around us they will not be motivated by the ideas of conservation to halt the losses in biodiversity.

I am currently on the Heritage  in Schools programme list of experts that go to national schools


Blue Damsel Fly - Dragonfly Cavan Ireland

Blue Damsel Fly – Dragonfly Cavan Ireland









Cavan farm

I am now a mother of two living and working on a suckler farm on the Cavan and Leitrim border, I observe the seasons change, and record the wildlife I discover .

I share the pleasure with the young in schools and those that are young at heart, visiting Cavan or Leitrim. I welcome enquiries about our area




Rowan tree, amber and red thread

shall protect your pretty head.

Flowing streams,vervain and dill.

These shall all protect you still

hawkmoth and friends

Hawkmoth and friends




Heather Bothwell


One Response to Damsels and Me!

  1. talktourism says:

    Congratulations Heather upon your first step in to blogging. It is a delight to read your perspective on our native environment and perhaps you will help to convert many to become more respectful towards the natural resources.
    keep up the good blogging and I am looking forward to reading more about the creepy crawlies that reside all around us in Cavan.

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