Some Killeshandra Meadow Maintenance

   Looking  a bit rough

At this time of year our meadows  are looking a bit tired and old. Gone is the new freshness of spring . Long grass has started to lie, this way and that, and the chaotic impression can put our minds uneasy.

The docks in the meadow at Scoil Bhride national school ,were tall and  flourishing, so I decided to take action. Fortunately they seem to be only in certain sections, perhaps where machinery was during the installation of the septic tank.

dog daisies and docks

Scoil Bhride meadow , docks to the right of the dog daisies

The docks were producing lots of seed so, rather than adding to the seed bank of dock seed in the soil ,I decided to cut down the docks this week, before the seed was shed

 taking the secateurs to the docks

taking the secateurs to the docks




It is possible to pull the docks and thus remove these perennial  plants altogether.

I tried this before the heavy rain we had recently and decided I was so slow that the seed would be shed before I got it finished.


pulling up docks is much easier when the soil is wet

pulling up docks is much easier when the soil is wet

After rain, I found it was a very satisfying feeling, to pull out the long tap root, however, I still  got on and cut down most plants, rather than pull them, so no doubt there will still be docks next year.

We had some assistance  in grass removal this week we hadn’t  invited. A few cattle got in and selectively grazed, ignoring the docks, rushes and thistles of course. This didn’t help with the look of the meadow to the tidy mind !

grass removal and recyling

grass removal and recycling  (The Evidence they left behind)

The yellow rattle had been looking very impressive

massses of yellow rattle

Lots of yellow rattle

The bumblebees were enjoying he yellow rattle as were the meadow browns.

Meadow brown butterfly

Meadow brown butterfly



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