Haematopota horsefly

Chrysops ,Horse fly or cleg

Let me introduce you to Chrysops, and Haematopota    

 I quote from Alan Stubbs and Martin Drake* .  

 “It may sound a contradiction that an insect with ugly habits should be beautiful. However, to really appreciate that statement, look at the eyes of a live horsefly. The colours can be extraordinary– brilliant green or bronze in Chrysops ”  


These ladies ( only females need blood to lay eggs) were biting my arm. Only females bite, and each did hang on until I  got a photograph and then I dispatched her.  Chrysops is an insect of wetlands  “chrysops (larvae) appear to feed on decaying matter”*  


*British Soldierflies and their Allies, Stubbs and Drake  


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.Take time to look , listen, even scent what is on the wind.
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