Hugging Trees

Oak tree, Co. Cavan

I have been reading ,and enjoying, Robert Mcfarland’ s book, “The Wild Places”. He describes how trees are ” mutual organisms, best understood when considered in their relationship to one another”. I like trees in relationships with hedges and woods with undergrowth and climbers and leaf mould.

This oak tree stands in an overgrown hedge in a  small field that has never had tractor on it ,hence was never drained , fertilised or limed.

I have also been looking at the woodland trusts” ancient tree hunt” and how to measure trees . You can estimate their girth in hugs ( if you know the length of your hug) . I have never been into hugging trees much before, but I was surprised how impressive tree hugging is. Try it, for a sense of time, history and endurance.


About bluedamseldiscovery

.Take time to look , listen, even scent what is on the wind.
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