Wood mouse in Cavan

wood mouse from a longworth live trap
wood mouse from a longworth live trap

I managed to trap this fellow, using hazel nuts as the bait, in the wood behind the house.  It is distinguished from the unwelcome visitors in the house  by the bigger ears, longer tail  and big back legs.

Amazing number of predators after this fellow, I imagine :  long eared owls, foxes ,kestrel,stoats, pine martin , badger, magpies,

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.Take time to look , listen, even scent what is on the wind.
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One Response to Wood mouse in Cavan

  1. Kristin Citan says:

    I am so pleased to find your website. It is a link on the Killeshandra Tourism website. These are beautiful pictures. They really give me a feel for this place which is becoming more and more precious to me. I am writing a story, and Killeshandra is the setting. It may be crazy, since I’ve never been there, but the story is set in the 1600’s, so hopefully I will be able to pull it off. If I have questions concerning the landscape, greenery and critters, can I ask you?

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